Title: Mesia

Mesia by Pengspawnie
Created on 18 Dec 2009
Updated on 20 Dec 2009

:: make a backup for component folder inside foobar folder.
:: extract mesia.7z archive in the default foobar2000 folder.
:: run foobar with ColumnsUI as interface
:: go to preferences -> ColumnsUI -> Main -> use Import Button to import the mesia.fcl file, apply all imported layout.

Better view when:
:: disable toolbars (click top left edge button) and status bar.
:: hide playlist scroller on playlist window (click bottom right edge button)
:: keep height aspect to 8 rows of group header.

Additional info:
:: In order to make sure library directory is working, go to menu -> file -> preferences (or simply ctrl+p) -> media library ->add music folders.
:: Volume setting can be found when click bottom left edge button.
:: Playback order icons can be toggle via top right edge button.
:: Playlist scroller can be hide via bottom right edge button.
:: The skin can be used on foobar2000 v1.0 betas.
:: Single track playlist can be listed properly by adding “SINGLETRACK” with value “1”.

Author: Pengspawnie

Download: deviantART

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