Foolars 2 Glass Mod Final

Title: Foolars 2 Glass Mod Final

Foolars2 – Glass Mod Final


Direct Link to correct foobar version

Final update. I think this update has covered any glaring omissions that I missed before (library/lyrics/info, how could I go on all this time and not notice this?!). I’m happy with the way it looks and feels, and I think this is how I’m going to leave it.

Buttons – Completely redone to match the aero style, and are easier to read.
Colors – Contrast has been improved, the lyrics/library/info sections have been recoloured so you can actually read it for once.
Resizing – Better for longer labels.
Character Limit – There is no character limit on labels.

Aeroby RE:9

Foolars2 by lassekongo83

1.Create a Panels UI folder in the foobar2000 directory.
Ex. (C:\Program Files\foobar2000)

2.Copy and Paste “foolars2glassF” and “foolars2″(folder) to the Panels UI folder.
Ex. (C:\Program Files\foobar2000\PanelsUI)

3.Copy the contents of the components folder to the components folder in the foobar2000 directory.
Ex. (C:\Program Files\foobar2000\components)

4.If necessary, copy the contents of the font folder into the systems font folder (can be found through the control panel).
Ex. (Control Panel\Fonts)

5.Startup foobar2000 It will ask if you want to use PanelsUI, ColumnsUI or the Default interface. Choose PanelsUI.

6.Go to Preferences > Display > PanelsUI and choose the foolars2glassF.pui file in the Layout dropdown.


Try to use it on a darker background, as the colour that is outputted depends on what’s behind foobar. Anything that isn’t purely white basically. Glass effect only visible on systems that support aero.

Sorry for the pretty bland preview pic, but I don’t have a big enough monitor to use a nice background (laptop here) D: , but I figured you already know what it’s like in action.
The download comes with all the components and fonts so you don’t have to look around for them.

Author: heroshade

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Download: deviantART

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