fooAvA 1.05

Title: fooAvA 1.05

PanelUI config, so not compatible with further version of foobar (since v0.9.5.3).
You can get necessary foobar2000 version here:
download foobar2000 v0.9.5.2

– PanelsUI 0.14.9+ (included, if you have ClearType enabled you can use 0.14.12)
– ELPlaylist v0.4.4.2+
– foo_chronflow v0.3.0+
– Graphical Browser rev015+
– Playback Statistics v2.1.5+ (official playcount)
– Power Panels v0.1
– Channel spectrum panel v0.17+
– Foo_playback_custom v1.43
– Lyric show v0.3.3.1+
– Foo_peakmeter v0.0.4.2
– CWB Hooks v1.2.6
– Album Art panel v0.2.7.1+
– Columns UI v0.2+
– Album List v0.2.3+
– Lyrics DB vbeta5
– QuickSearch Toolbar

Author: dawxxx666


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